Accounting Manager

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Our Accounting Managers have extensive accounting experience which they leverage to expand client engagements when appropriate. In addition to overseeing client relationships and performing CFO meetings, they are expected to be their clients’ strategic advisor and way finder.

Internally, Accounting Managers work closely with the leadership team to help streamline processes, manage staff, and identify new business opportunities. They are expected to be well-versed in current market trends and a subject matter expert in multiple topics.

Our future Accounting Manager will have skills and experience in these areas:

  • Oversees and leads CFO client meetings
  • CFO level expertise
  • Performs high-level financial interpretation
  • Forecasting
  • Industry-specific knowledge
  • Multiple subject matter expert
  • Problem-solves and course corrects on behalf of the client
  • Advanced systems knowledge
  • Tool development (i.e. Digital Workbook)
  • Financial modeling
  • Financial close mastery
  • Accounting and Tax methodology knowledge
  • Market trend awareness

A successful Accounting Manager will:

  • Manages team members, delegates work and provides timely feedback.
  • Understands and manages utilization and staffing, will participate in recruiting and hiring
  • Driver and Manager of culture.
  • Identifies opportunities to streamline processes and make systems more efficient, while ensuring compliance.
  • Leads internal initiatives. Develops training documentation and owns Internal trainings
  • Identification of strategic growth opportunities and initiatives. Drives firm-wide success by identifying and implementing key objectives and outcomes.
  • Own client relationship. Aware and responsible for client economics and profitability.

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