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Discover Outsourced Accounting For The Investor:

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In this guide you will learn:

  • Why outsourcing the accounting of your portfolio companies is a good plan
  • Ways Accountfully seamlessly integrates into each company
  • The CFO level of support each company receives
  • How outsourcing your portfolio's accounting allows you to see where your investment is and how it is being used (and grown)
  • Cutting edge tools Accountfully leverages on the cloud for better, more efficient operations

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Outsourced Accounting For The Investor

Working Hand-in-Hand Toward the Same Goal

There is a key relationship between the investor and its investments.  The goal of the investor is to nurture and develop its companies into profitable enterprises and obtain a positive return on that initial investment.  The secret ingredient to ensuring a better chance at success for the investment is outsourcing the accounting of each portfolio company.  Outsourcing ensures a flexible, scalable way to manage and understand the financial health of each company.  The business can operate with expert financial guidance, and the investor can have visibility over the investment.

What Made You Invest?

Nurture the Initial Spark that Led You to Invest


Not only did they have a good pitch, solid numbers and a good start, the company the investor put its faith into had an intangible essence.  This is the passion behind the cool idea or product.  The more the creative driving force of the company is in the weeds of the non-creative business end of things, the dimmer that spark can get.  Keeping the creator free to execute new ideas, design new things and network with their clients and vendors, the brighter that company will shine.

Outsourcing the bookkeeping and accounting of each company allows more time for the business founder to create and innovate.  They focus on growing the magic behind the concept, while Accountfully focuses on keeping the numbers up to date and in check.  We stay on top of the day to day and advise company decision makers on how to move forward to meet their financial goals.  This keeps the investor’s money working most efficiently in each venture and the business owner out of the number weeds.

Diversified Experience

We Deal In Many Industries, Like A Keen Investor

A savvy investor knows that diversifying funds is a great way to see better success.  While many investment firms choose to stick within a certain industry, many have stakes in a variety of business niches.  Accountfully has experience supporting different industries, from complex inventory based businesses to the creative service industries.  The majority of these companies are in the start-up phase and looking for a flexible approach to their accounting as they grow.  This experience in nurturing smaller companies and acting as a partner in their growth is very much in line with most companies in an investor's

 portfolio.  We understand the need for flexibility as growth occurs.  Most of the time, just having consistent oversight and expert guidance are the main tools to allow companies to flourish.  Chances are, with our diverse client book, we have helped a business in your portfolio's niche.

To See Some of Our Success in Action:

We Know Your Companies Inside and Out

We Track and Translate The Complicated Numbers and Understand the Economics

It is in its best interest to understand each company, inside out.  Keeping up to date records and understanding the financial pulse of the company, means spotting potential challenges early on, while they are manageable.

vc guide inventory picPerhaps one of the most complex inventory-based companies is that of the food entrepreneur.  We have vast experience managing the accounting for ingredients (aka inventory) with a track record of helping businesses in this space grow and thrive.  We get the economics side of each business, and understand the more complicated pieces, such as gross profit margin, by digging in and tracking the true costs of goods sold, then we display it in an easy to understand, graphic based presentation.

We offer clean, understandable methods to show key performance indicators for inventory and service based companies - KPIs and inventory for the non- accountant eye. We track true costs of goods sold using our proprietary Inventory and Digital Agency Workbooks.  We also employ software programs such as DEAR inventory and Fathom, which show KPIs, predict and analyze trends and show it all in a clean, understandable format.    Screen Shot 2019-11-08 at 3.14.45 PM

On a monthly basis, we prepare forecasts and budgets and perform inventory and reporting and analysis. Helping clients identify the right KPIs is also a critical part of our CFO advisory services. Having the right KPIs in place that are then tracked and analyzed is key for a business leader to be set up for success.  We also work with our clients to set up customized data dashboards to empower teams and business leaders with the latest information. Optimizing financial controls and data sharing is key for success.

We Are Nationwide

Nationally Based Company and Clients

Like the unique brands of the investor’s portfolio, are the locations they hail from.  Accountfully has clients that span the nation, many with international satellite offices.  We are headquartered in Charleston, SC, with a location in Nashville, TN - two up and coming locales as it relates to cutting edge businesses and culture.  Since we are designed to operate from anywhere, location is not a challenge to providing support to companies beyond our office locations.  

Client Map  (1)

We help implement cloud based operations into our client’s companies too, which provides more efficient, streamlined functionality and helps them stay on the cutting edge.  Location is not a hindrance to providing the best bookkeeping and accounting services.

Take Your Portfolio Into the Future

We Operate in the Future and On The Cloud

Streamlining and process improvement is inherent in the implementation of cloud based systems and modern processes we put in place for our clients.  We don’t stay tied to paper or location at our office, so why should our clients?  Just like the modern business owner, there is no need to be hindered by old school business practices.  We use, recommend and implement all cloud-based software; from Quickbooks Online, to KPI and inventory management tools like Fathom and DEAR, to payment providers, like Bill.com.  All of these new cloud based programs integrate together and allow for automations that translate into increased productivity and money saved. 

The jet setting business owner (and investor) can access their financials and make choices from anywhere, and focus on that hustle, not fret over getting back to an office. 

Here’s a quick example:  You have a big meeting with your team to update them on the health of the portfolio.  You get great news last minute about a major deal one of the company owners made.  You want more than an added line in your slide, you want realistic projections and details to share to your savvy team.  

vc guide graphic presentation

Picture this:

One of your portfolio companies just made a big deal and will be selling their products through a major retailer.  Ready to talk about the stats of this new uptick in success, but you are 1,000 miles away in a hotel ready to present to the team tomorrow?  Cool - grab the stats from Accountfully, and add it to your presentation, so your team can see the new, more favorable projections.  Better yet, the business owner can relax and focus on getting their product out, not stay up all night trying to gather stats and numbers for you at the last minute.

The benefits of a cloud based functionality don’t end with convenience and freedom of movement.  Having the ability to operate from anywhere means having the tools to hire the best talent without location being a challenge, have better business continuity and be flexible in where you access your numbers.  The more modern your portfolio is in how they function, the better chance at their success, and the investor’s return.

We Become Part of the Team

We Integrate Into The Company as Part of the Team

As part of our basic outsourcing services, we manage an accounting@yourbusiness email address.  This allows a seamless point of contact for vendors, customers and payment providers and integrates nicely into business operations.  We closely manage payments and stay in touch with clients that owe money and manage the relationship with key vendors.

Each client receives a dedicated team of three accountants working on their business.  This means a consistent team at each company’s disposal with multiple layers of expertise.  From the staff accountant level, to manager, there is coverage and support.  Not only is Accountfully diligently keeping the books up to date, they are answering questions and advising on a consistent basis, so company decision makers know how best to plan and grow.

The Strategic Advantage

CFO Level Advisory - The Strategic Advantage

The Accountfully team that is at a company’s disposal is of the highest caliber.  We offer CFO Level Advisory, which means the culmination of serious finance industry talent is available.  It’s no secret the average startup or small business does not have a budget to hire a full finance team.  There is no finance department as they are getting up and running, so having the flexibility of the full advisory and business planning at the ready is indispensable, flexible and affordable.  Imagine the strategic planning knowledge of a seasoned CFO at the ready for each of your companies, offering the right advice from the beginning.  A great foundation for serious success and growth.

We Monitor The Pulse of Each Business

We Stay On Top of Cash Flow and Taxes

It’s no secret to the investor that cash flow is the lifeblood of a small and growing business.  Your portfolio companies have a good amount of your cash infusion and Accountfully wants you to know where it is and how it is growing.  For the majority of small businesses, it is also one of the most challenging facets of their operation to manage and predict.  Having a consistent beat on the health of the cash is one of our top focuses.  We monitor and report weekly and short term cash flow, as well as report on cash flow management. 

When the time comes to pay quarterly taxes, report sales tax and navigate the yearly filing process, we have our clients covered.  After all, it makes most sense for the expert insight Accountfully has on the business to be applied to filing the proper taxes.  When businesses are just starting, it can be overwhelming to understand how, where and what to file as they develop and expand.  Having a seasoned tax team ready to advise our clients reduces the stress of filing and reduces the chance of costly fines or late fees.  



The Investor's Secret: Accountfully

Accountfully is Your Secret Partner

For up to date, accurate and insightful oversight into an investment, having an outsourced accounting team at the helm of each portfolio company will give both the investor and the company the best chance at growth.  A win win.  A better return on the investment, and the best shot at the successful growth of the company.


Ready For Your Portfolio to Outsource

Its Bookkeeping & Accounting?

Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting firms like Accountfully perform day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping tasks while also serving as a strategic partner to our clients. We’d be happy to hop on a call and review a typical engagement and answer any questions you might have about what we do and how we can help your portfolio companies.